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Hello Spokane County


SIECS is not a web developer.† This web site is a work in progress.† Best viewed with any other browser than Internet Explorer.†


Also please feel free to check out www.broadband.wa.gov , and let the state know what you think of the service you have in your area.† You may also for information check out www.washingtononlineschool.com††


HughesNet is a Secure, Fast, and Reliable broadband service by two-way satellite.  HughesNet service is available anywhere with a clear view to the southern sky in the United States.  With HughesNet you can connect multiple computers and laptops to a single HughesNet Connection for your home or business network.  Note that networking equipment is not included with your HughesNet system. 

For more information on how HughesNet can work for you. 

Just click on the HughesNet link above.




Siecs is also happy to announce being a Wilson Electronics Retailer and Certified Installer.


This allows to be able to offer the best of both.† Custom home / office install with a 3 year warranty.† Multi user and multi service provider support.† Value added service to make sure it will work for you before you buy.† Keeping a mobile unit or two on hand as well.†


Also All Wilson products and installs will be in compliance with the New FCC Rules and Regulations.












Siecs had gained international recognition.  The site and company is going thru many changes in order to serve you better.   With markets changing along with product prices.  Siecs will no longer be posting prices at this time.† Siecs would spend more time editing price lists than getting jobs done, but be assured that the prices that you find here will be vary competitive and most of the time lower than you can find anywhere locally. ††

  For pricing and availability please call 509-385-0092

Or write Siecs at 816 N. Francis Ave. #315

Spokane Washington 99205


See me sometime just sitting there?  Please feel free to drop in and say hello.  Would like to hear from you, and any suggestions that you may have as well. 

 Have an event and need broadband communications?

Siecs has been a proud sponsor in providing broadband communications for the 2006 International Worlds Barefoot (water skiing) championship, and can do the same for your event.  Including broadband for business visa and / or debit transactions.



Disaster strikes and need Telecommunications?

Siecs is here for you and with your continued support of this business can be here for you in times of trouble.  The question is not if it is going to happen again, but when will it happen again?† This includes but not limited too place a phone call when no other local method is operational, access to medical records via secure connection, and more. 


This offer open to the American Red Cross, other counties, and businesses.  Example:  Like I was able to help keep Loggers Landing in Concrete open with lights and ability to process VISA / Debit Transactions.  Thus servicing the community with being able to acquire products and goods needed even if they didnít have the cash on hand. During the first power outage and flooding of 2006.  I can do any of which that has been already stated, and all I ask for during the times of need at this time is food and gas.  With your continued support of this business it will be able to offer more help in times of need in a way of giving back to the community.  The choice is yours.† Keep in mind that this is only one person operation at this time, and will go where needed the most for the people.



Special orders are processed when transaction funds have been secured, and normally delivered to your door or ready for pickup in 3 to 5 business days.

Wilson delivery average 2 business days.† FYI to also work in schedule install.

Extra Special (Same day or over night) Extra charges apply.